EsterAd232 is an innovative oil additive used to improve host oil’s stability, performance, and anti-wear properties. It is engineered with three proprietary synthetic chemicals, including a Group V Ester, that can be added to a variety of oils of different groups and viscosities. It is a negatively charged additive, allowing it to attach to the surface of oil-wetted components inside oil systems to reduce friction, improve oil film strength and boundary lubrication, and reduce operating temperatures.

EsterAd232’s proprietary Group V Ester helps with increased rubber seal lubrication as well as a slight swelling of seals for less oil leaks – all while cleaning deposits from the system. This allows for restored compression, less blow-by, and increased combustion efficiency. By using these new technologies, EsterAd232 improves the host oil and allows for an increase in fuel economy and horsepower by up to 5% and allows for longer oil change intervals.


EsterAd232 is compatible with mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils. May be used as part of an additive package or as an add-on to market-ready products.

    • Contains proprietary Group V Ester
    • Reduce wear by up to 43% compared to Shell Rotella® baseline*
    • Increase horsepower & fuel economy by up to 5%*
    • Improves shear stability, oxidation stability, film strength
    • Reduces friction, noise & vibration
    • Reduces operating temperatures
    • Cleans engine components
      (*Verified by 3rd party testing)

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