TotalArmor Clean450

TotalArmor Clean450 is a multi-functional aftermarket additive for diesel fuel that exceeds top-tier detergency requirements and contains a powerful cetane improver. It is engineered to remove “sticky” injector deposits, including both External Diesel Injector Deposits (EDIDs) and Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs), including waxy and polymeric deposits. It also provides a significant performance boost.

The powerful detergent package resulted in an 87% power restored in the modified DW-10 test. It also brings asphaltenes and glycerides back into solution and prevents further formation to keep fuel filters operable. The top-tier cetane improver will improve ignition, fuel combustibility, and reduce hydrocarbon and particulate matter output by raising cetane by up to 7 numbers, all while improving fuel economy and acceleration. Fuel stability, corrosion control, and reduced filter plugging are additional benefits of TotalArmor Clean450.


TotalArmor Clean450 is formulated for today’s modern diesel fuels and typical biodiesel blends. It is recommended for use in all diesel engines.


    • Exceeds top-tier detergency requirements
    • Cleans injectors, removing EDIDs & IDIDs
    • Raises cetane by up to 7 numbers
    • Power loss is restored by up to 87% in the Peugeot CEC F98-08
    • DW-10 test
    • Improves ignition, power & fuel economy

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