TotalArmorW7 is a multi-functional aftermarket additive for winter blend diesel fuels engineered to improve detergency, stability, lubricity, winter operability, and cetane number. It contains cloud point and pour point depressant, anti-settling agents, cetane improver and detergency, and lubricity improvers.

To provide complete operability in freezing temperatures and avoid gelling and icing, TotalArmorW7 minimizes the size of wax crystals and prevents paraffin wax precipitation, allowing the fuel to travel through the fuel filter at temperatures 20°F/–6.6˚C below the cloud point of the diesel fuel. Cloud point is lowered by solubilizing paraffin nuclei as they begin to crystalize and the pour point depressants modify paraffin crystal’s growth as they precipitate.


TotalArmorW7 is formulated for today’s modern diesel fuels and typical biodiesel blends. Sulfur content does not exceed 15 ppm. This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines.


    • Prevents gelling & icing
    • Raises cetane by up to 7 points
    • Disperses moisture and improves cold starts
    • Improves lubricity & fuel economy

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