NanoClear504 is a synthetic additive for higher viscosity lubricants and increases the anti-wear and anti-friction properties, as well as improve shear and oxidation stability. NanoClear504 is engineered with true nano carbon particles, which allows for higher load carrying capacity, higher adsorbability, and an increased film strength for better wear resistance.

The nano carbons have great thermal conductivity and delay the rise of oil temperature, keeping systems operating at lower temperatures even under extreme conditions and heavy loads. The viscosity of the oil is maintained and so is appearance. This is achieved by using a patented surface treatment on the nanoparticles, ensuring stability in any formulation – both synthetic and mineral-based.


NanoClear504 is compatible with mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils. May be used as part of an additive package or as an add-on to market-ready products.

    • Contains a synthetic, colorless nano-carbon lubricant
    • Improves shear stability, oxidation stability, film strength
    • Reduces wear & friction
    • Reduces operating temperatures
    • Reduces noise & vibration
    • Utilizes patented ester to clean system components