LSI Chemical Introduces BoostClean825

Mt Gilead, OH, (March 16, 2021) – LSI Chemical, a leading manufacturer of innovative nanoparticle-based oil additives and fuel additives developed for problem-specific downstream oil and gas supply chain formulations, introduces BoostClean825. BoostClean825 is a powerful and effective synthetic fuel system additive that can be added to any gasoline blend. This aftermarket additive deep cleans gasoline fuel systems, dissolving gum and varnish while also stabilizing ethanol and lubricating upper cylinders. This results in a cleaner fuel system and drastically improved fuel economy.   

Gasoline blends with BoostClean825 convert gasoline into a premium product with advanced cleaning properties that will dissolve combustion chamber and intake valve deposits, clean injectors, valves, pumps, rings and pistons; all while adding lubrication and corrosion protection of all key components including upper cylinders. Developed as an aftermarket product to add in the gasoline downstream supply chain, BoostClean825 provides a cost effective method for developing a premium gasoline for a broad range of market uses – automotive, marine, industrial, agriculture and more. 

The Polyetheramine (PEA) based detergent can be added in varying potential concentrations based upon the fuel’s designated specs and is compatible with fuels with a high ethanol content. Broad applications include any vehicle or equipment that runs on gasoline – carbureted, throttle body injected, multi-port injected, sequential injected and direct injected engines. Gasoline Extreme has been shown to improve fuel economy by up to 7.9% via 3rd party testing. Benefits include improved emissions, restored performance and acceleration, reduced noise, vibration and misfires.  

Todd Cawley of LSI Chemical, says, “BoostClean825 is a game changer for refiners and petroleum product distributors interested in cost-effectively customizing gasoline blends for premium resale. We are open to working with customers, partners and distributors to advance our patented products to improve fuel and oil performance. This product, proven at retail, is now available in bulk concentrations and can be tested at our facility to meet specific gasoline specifications including new emission standards.”  

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