LSI Chemical Signs New Distributor – Quality Group Expands LSI Chemical and Hot Shot’s Secret Distribution to India

Mt Gilead, OH, (March 25, 2021) – LSI Chemical is proud to announce a new international distributor for India – Quality Group. Quality Group is now authorized to sell LSI Chemical oil and fuel additives and to work with LSI Chemical in the development of performance blends of petrol and diesel based on customer specifications. Additionally, Quality Group is now an official distributor of the full line of Hot Shot’s Secret products available for retail for a growing and very sizable India market.

Established in 1984, Quality Group produces and supplies a broad range of specialty products utilizing innovative technologies that improve the quality and performance of products in global transportation, industrial and consumer markets. Products currently manufactured and distributed include: Polymer Additives, Aqueous Wax Emulsion, Industrial Lube Oil Additives and Auxiliary Chemicals, Metal-working fluid Additives, Green Esters, Phosphate Esters, Emulsifiers for Mining, Additives for Paints and Inks, Amides Corrosion Inhibitors, Glycerin Esters and more.

Quality Group leverages their specialized knowledge of chemistry, extensive manufacturing infrastructure, first class R&D and customer-centric staff to manufacture the continent’s most innovative, yet cost-competitive specialty chemical products.

Quality Specialty Chemicals CEO, Rushabh Shah, says, “Very recently we opened a new 24,000 square meters manufacturing facility that adjoins the Mumbai–Pune Express Highway and today we are proud to announce this new distribution partnership with LSI Chemical. Quality Group is expanding rapidly, and this new agreement represents the first time we have partnered to bring a full line of automotive performance chemicals to India. We are very excited to see how our combined R&D efforts can significantly impact the petrol and diesel market with additives that greatly reduces friction and wear, improves fuel economy and reduces emissions.”

Todd Cawley of LSI Chemical says, “This year has been explosive in our ability to develop an international network of distributors. Quality Group, as the name implies, fits our model of working only with highly qualified professionals that have in-depth specialized chemical knowledge and a proven track record. We are excited to work with the entire team as they introduce our line of fuel and oil additives in India and distribute the Hot Shot’s Secret line of products to this new market.”

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