LSI Chemical Introduces Four New Fuel Additives for Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels

Mt Gilead, OH, (June 8, 2021) – LSI Chemical now offers four new diesel fuel additives for diesel and biodiesel fuel blends, all exceeding top-tier detergency requirements. Developed with a powerful cetane improver, the new additives can be used for downstream fuel production to restore power and fuel economy while providing long-term protection against corrosion and waxy polymeric deposits. Refineries and fuel jobbers now have a menu of diesel fuel additives to select from to develop a premium diesel or biodiesel fuel for production and resale.

TotalArmorClean450 is a multifunctional aftermarket additive that improves ignition, power, and fuel economy. This additive is engineered to remove “sticky” injector deposits including both External Diesel Injector Deposits (EDIDs) and Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs). Developed to provide a significant performance boost and raise cetane numbers by 7 points, this additive with its powerful detergent package resulted in restoring power by 87% in a modified Peugeot CEC F98-08 DW-10 test. To learn more about this additive, view this video.

TotalArmor607 significantly improves wear protection by using the most advanced lubricity chemical available, controls injector deposit formation and controls moisture. Multifunctional, this additive also increases diesel fuel cetane rating by 7 points, prevents rust and corrosion, and demulsifies water and neutralizes acid. The result is increased fuel economy, increased horsepower, reduced emissions and soot output, and even the poorest quality ULSD fuel is put back into specification through added lubricity for wear scar protection. To learn more about this additive, view this video.

ArcticArmor523 is a cold flow improver for diesel fuels to improve low-temperature performance and greatly improve winter operability. It is engineered to improve multiple characteristics of diesel, including Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP), Pour Point, and Cloud Point for today’s modern diesel fuels and typical biodiesel blends and is recommended for all diesel engines. The DFPP test demonstrated a significant improvement when compared to Marathon baseline diesel from -20°F/-28°C to -45°F/-42°C. The Pour Point improved from -20°F/-28°C to -75°F/-59°C. Cloud point is lowered by solubilizing paraffin nuclei as they begin to crystallize and the pour point depressants modify paraffin crystal’s growth as they precipitate. To learn more, view this video.

Introduced in 2020, TotalArmorW7 is another winter blend diesel fuel aftermarket additive. However, it ensures complete operability in freezing temperatures. Engineered to provide consistent winter operability, this additive also increases cetane up to 7 points for improved power, fuel economy and cold starts. Formulated with cloud point and pour point depressants, anti-settling agents, detergents and a powerful lubricity improver, TotalArmorW7 prevents gelling and icing by dispersing moisture in freezing temperatures, minimizing the size of wax crystals and preventing paraffin wax precipitation. To learn more about this additive view this video.

Todd Cawley of  LSI Chemical says, “Each product has been carefully engineered to deliver specific improvements that can be used in the aftermarket – fuel jobbers, fleets, diesel fuel refiners and end consumers unlike to improve fuel for resale.  As diesel fuel experts, we have sourced products and tested combinations to ensure that what we bring to market will exceed expectations. Each product is rigorously tested and proven to perform. Our sampling program and top notch R&D lab is available to customize fuel based on the specific needs of your region or customer base.”

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