LSI Chemical Signs New UK Distributor – GreenGlove LTD

LSI Chemical and Hot Shot’s Secret Expands Distribution to the UK and Ireland

Mt Gilead, OH, (May 11, 2021) – LSI Chemical is proud to announce a new European distributor – GreenGlove LTD. GreenGlove is now the official UK and Ireland distributor for LSI Chemical, offering solutions to customers in the lubrication and fuel industries to help companies bring an improved, market-ready product to end-users. Additionally, GreenGlove is now an official distributor of the full line of Hot Shot’s Secret products available for retail throughout western Europe. Hot Shot’s Secret’s line of performance fuel and oil additives and specialty oils is the fastest growing performance lubrication brand in the USA.

Based in Thame, England, GreenGlove provides oil and fuel additives that utilize innovative nanotechnology to provide an improved, market-ready product to end-users. GreenGlove specializes in organic technology innovation and is a provider of innovative patented environmental products across multiple industries.

GreenGlove Managing Director, Joff Glover, says, “As a result of our partnership with LSI Chemical, we now have access to their incredible, state-of-the-art lab facilities. This means that we can test our additives in your existing formula to find the perfect balance of performance and function for your fuel and oil requirements. Their lab scientists are also available to help develop products that specifically meet your needs and solve your problems resulting in major cost savings for your business.

GreenGlove recently appointed NanoTech Industries Ltd as their specialist reseller to assist in the marketing and technical back-up for the full range of LSI products. For more information please visit”

Todd Cawley of LSI Chemical says, “This is our first opportunity to distribute LSI Chemical and Hot Shot’s Secret in Europe. The market potential is incredible as fuel must meet stringent emissions standards. We look forward to assisting our new distribution partner in developing fuels specific to the needs of a region or industry.”

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