LSI Chemical Signs New International Distributor – APOLCO to Distribute LSI Chemical and Hot Shot’s Secret Products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Mt Gilead, OH, (November 12, 2021) – LSI Chemical, a leading supplier of nano-based additives and specialty oils, is pleased to announce a new distributor agreement with APOLCO. APOLCO has the advantage of sales offices in the Netherlands, Ukraine, North Africa and the UAE where the company benefits with having staff proficient in the local language(s), local business practices and currency exchange.

The agreement provides APOLCO with the right to sell both the LSI Chemical line of products for formulation of lubricants (downstream oil) and petrol refinery and jobber blends, as well as Hot Shot’s Secret performance additives and oils in over 20 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This agreement doubles the size of countries where the products can be sold internationally including EU (excluding UK and Ireland), Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Oman, Qatar, and north Africa from Egypt to Mauritania, Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, CIS and Russia.

The well-established company prides itself on being a one stop market for safe, effective and performance driven lubricant additives including driveline additives, engine oil additives, industrial additives, viscosity modifiers and components. The LSI product range is a perfect fit in APOLCO’s existing product portfolio and LSI’s Nano technology will be the company’s first product in their new Sustainability product portfolio.

APOLCO works only with the highest quality components and additives to develop lubricants that protect engines, transmissions, gear boxes and a wide range of equipment with moving parts from wear, deposits, corrosion, and water under a wide range of operating temperatures. All lubricant additives, detergent lubricants and lubricating oils meet or exceed the latest API/ACEA/OEM specifications.

APOLCO Owner, Ralph Peeters, says, “With these additives we help our customers to meet and exceed new industry standards with regard to sustainability and less carbon footprint. Together with our customers we can improve existing lubricants or develop new lubricants to be more efficient, future proof and overcome challenges ahead of us. Lubricants manufactured based on Nano will have a cleaner burning process, less friction, longer drain interval, more horsepower (4%) and less fuel consumption (4%). Although some companies have had bad experiences with existing Nano, LSI Nano has proven lab, bench and field trial data and their products are by far superior to current solutions.”

LSI Chemical currently markets five fuel additives and four oil additives developed with LSI’s proprietary Nano technology, Group V Esters with friction modifiers and base oils with more to be announced in 2022. Hot Shot’s Secret is the fastest growing performance lubricant brand in the USA. These products developed for the retail aftermarket are engineered for unique performance specifications then rigorously tested through third party laboratory tests before they are brought to market.

Todd Cawley of LSI Chemical says, “APOLCO has a great reputation on the international stage as a company source for products that perform according to strict product specifications. We of course are delighted that we now have a European distributor for LSI Chemical and Hot Shot’s Secret. Our products have been increasingly growing in brand recognition and this agreement will now allow us to quickly supply products to a much broader market. With this agreement, we have doubled the number of countries that we are now distributing overseas. They were very impressed with out Nano-carbon technology. Unlike past Nano technology, ours is clear and stays in suspension which provides shelf longevity and makes it easy to use in the lubricant industry.”

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