LSI Chemical Introduces BoostPower247C and BoostPower247K Gasoline Additives

Detergent cleaner additives for gasoline engines, port or direct-injected, proven to remove deposits to restore power, fuel economy and reduce emissions

Mt Gilead, OH, (November 30, 2021) – LSI Chemical, a leading manufacturer of fuel and oil additives for downstream fuel refiners and jobbers, is proud to introduce two new gasoline additives – BoostPower247C and BoostPower247K. Both are engineered to clean up harmful waxy deposits from fuel injectors and intake valves of port fuel injected engines and the combustion chambers of direct-injected gasoline engines.

BoostClean247C is a concentrated detergent cleaner that will effectively clean deposits with only one fill-up. With the elimination of harmful deposits, user benefits include improved drivability, restored fuel economy and power and a measurable reduction of exhaust emissions. The standard and recommended dosage is 2500 ppm wt./wt.

BoostPower247K is formulated to be a maintenance detergent cleaner additive to keep the engine clean and prevent build-up daily. Though less effective than BoostPower247C, it is markedly less expensive and requires only 250 lbs. of additive per thousand barrels of gasoline instead of 2500 to arrive at 11 ounces per 20 gallons of fuel detergent. M111 results show that after a 60-hour test using E5 fuel treated with 283 mg/kg of BoostPower247K, there was a remarkable 61.3% clean-up of intake valve deposits. Both BoostPower247C and 247K works with any gasoline or gasoline/ethanol fuel mixture including E5, E15 and E85 Flex Fuel.

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